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The bears Miško and Hanka returned to the wild

Miško a Hanka are two little bear orphans. They have been rescued and found their new home in Rescue station for injured wild animals in Zázrivá.

They have lived there for a few months and have grown up. Now, it`s time for them to come back home - to the wild.


Happy New Year 2013!

If you are reading this, the end of the world did not come yet. :-)

We wish you Merry Christmas and New Year full of good health, happiness and love...

Enjoy another beautiful spring, peaceful summer, colourful autumn and romantic white winter.

... with love SLONline


The pilot article of magazine Works That Work online!

We still have been working hard on new magazine Works That Work. The first edition that will surely please its readers will be issued in the beginning of 2013.

The authors prepared the pilot "preview" article "Point Me Where It Hurts" to make all possible readers` hesitations dissapear.

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